Minnesota State Bar Association Certified Criminal Law Specialist

Less Than 1% Of MN Lawyers Are Certified Criminal Law Specialists

Areas Of Practice

Anyone with a current Minnesota law license is allowed to appear in criminal court. That means you can hire your cousin’s divorce lawyer, your friend’s personal injury lawyer, or the drafter of your grandmother’s will. In other words, you can choose a lawyer with little to no experience in the complex field of criminal law. But being accused of a crime is a very serious matter. The choice of lawyer makes a big difference.

John L. Lucas is a Criminal Law Specialist certified by the Minnesota State Bar Association. That represents vigorous testing, testimonials from peers, opponents, and judges, along with 30 years of criminal defense. The Bar Association states, “Certified attorneys have demonstrated superior knowledge, skill and integrity in their specific field and can use the designation of specialist to advertise their credentials.” Less than 3% of lawyers are certified specialists in ANY field of law. Less than 1% are Certified Criminal Law Specialists. John L. Lucas is one of the most experienced, skilled and successful criminal defense attorneys in Minnesota.

Read Hennepin County Judge Kevin Burke’s article on the value of hiring a specialist in the Criminal Law Specialist here:

  • Drug Cases

  • Felonies & Misdemeanors

  • Sex Crimes

  • Theft, Fraud, White Collar

  • Domestic Assault

  • Driving While Impaired
    Criminal Vehicular Operation

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