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John L Lucas appears the most in Scott, Carver, Hennepin, Wright, and Anoka Counties. With his office in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota’s largest city, it is no surprise that Hennepin County dominates his caseload.  But the other four counties are very familiar with John. What does this mean for his clients in these counties? It is advantageous that your lawyer knows the players (judges, prosecutors, probation staff, court clerks) and the procedures in the county in which you are charged. It can be easy to miss something important when you don’t know how a county conducts their business. Each county has their own court rules. John L Lucas has defended cases in nearly every county in Minnesota. He has chosen to concentrate his practice in these five counties. If your case arises in Hennepin, Anoka, Scott, Carver, or Wright counties you in the counties John calls home.

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